What We Do

The group specializes in dealing with lands, buildings, building materials, metals (Ferrous and non ferrous) products. The group works in synergy with focus on the end user. Majority of the turnover of the group comes through the trading of ferrous scrap (local and imports). Each company with its specialized expertise focuses on its critical task thus facilitating the end product. From sourcing of ferrous scrap to Melting to Billets / Ingots to rolling into TMT Bars or structural products each company plays a vital role in these processes of production, thus generating revenue. Our power plant plays a vital role in nitigating the shortfall of power required by our mills. The group provides exclusive focus to the trading and manufacturing of ferrous products as it contributes to about 72% of the total turnover of the group.
We touch customers through our retail concept where we market and retail all building related products under one roof. Products right from TMT Bars, Structural’s, Paints, Roofing’s, Tiles, Sanitary ware, CP Fittings, Electricals, Hardware items, Timber, Doors, Frames, furniture etc. of various brand housed under one roof for the convenience of every customer segment. Our know-how in terms of asset stripping has been remarkable where we take over NPA (Non Performing Assets) or sick companies and either revive them or liquidate them. Our reach spreads nationwide as of now and our future plans are to be present across the globe and to be identified as one of ‘THE LEADING ASSET STRIPPER’ in the country.